Back to Balance Osteopathy

Work, stress, play… life takes a toll on us all. Whether the cause is a sports injury, high pressures at work or poor posture, our bodies are rarely aligned to where they should be. Physical imbalance leads to pain and discomfort - you’re not living life to the full.

Getting back to balance means getting you back to a pain free life without prescribing medications.

Three in one. Osteopathy looks at your body as a whole and treats your muscles like a physio, treats your knots with sports massage and treats your skeleton with chiropractic techniques. We do it all and more. In one neat package it aims to get you back on your feet enjoying life in as short a time as possible.

Come and feel the benefits for yourself.

Where is the pain?


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Press: Expert Advise in Men's Health Magazine 2016

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Paralymic Double Gold: Testimonial from a swimmer that has reached the peak of his sport...

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