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Acupuncture is one of the longest established forms of healthcare in the world.

By law all Osteopaths are registered professionals.

Acupuncturists are trained to use subtle diagnostic techniques that have been developed and refined for thousands of years. The focus is on you as an individual, not your illness, and all symptoms are seen in relation to each other.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is used as an integrated approach to the management of pain and inflammation and as a means of stimulating the body’s own healing chemicals in order to aid recovery and enhance rehabilitation.
Acupuncture within osteopathy is used against the background of clinical and research evidence. The concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] is an ancient system of written scripts as far back as 1000BC, founded on the holistic concept of treatment and an acknowledgement of the body’s ability to return to its balanced state of health, given the correct stimulus to do so.

Modern acupuncture is often pain-free. The needles we use are extremely fine (with a diameter as small as 0.2mm), they are sterile and individually packaged for one use.

How can it help?

A growing body of evidence-based clinical research (here) is discovering how the body responds to acupuncture and its benefits for a wide range of common health conditions. A lot of people have acupuncture to relieve specific aches and pains, such as osteoarthritis of the knee, TMJ, headaches and low back pain, or for common health problems like an overactive bladder. Other people choose acupuncture when they can feel their bodily functions are out of balance, but they have no obvious diagnosis. And many have regular treatments because they find it so beneficial and relaxing.

Osteopathy and Acupuncture

As osteopaths we regularly employ modern acupuncture as an adjunct to our other manual therapy techniques in the treatment of trigger points and myofascial pain. We aim to relax the affected muscle or muscle group as a result of the “micro trauma” effect of the acupuncture needle in the surface of the muscle(s) being treated.

Is Osteopathy safe?

I ensure high quality care as I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

The register is available at osteopathy.org.uk.


  • Matt has transformed the way that I have been able to train over the last couple of years. He has a knack of being able to take one look at me and work out what needs to be done to keep me running, this has including fixing a long term ankle injury and addressing the ongoing “wear and tear” that happens when you try to run fast when you are old. In addition to his passion for fixing you up Matt also has a genuine positive enthusiasm and interest and so helps with mental motivation too.”

    Surrey, GU15
  • Matt has a great touch and the emotional acuity which enables him to really engage, investigate and understand the route cause of issues, and find the best solutions which are not always the most obvious. I see Matt every time I have a sports related injury and also when needing some general maintenance. He is an essential part of my training program which complements all the miles on the road.”

    London, SE21
  • I have played sports all my life and never suffered any serious injury. After damaging a disc in my lower back playing football I started seeing Matt on a weekly basis. Matt taught me all about how my body reacted to such an injury and how I could amend my training and daily routines to realign the weakness in my physique. Matt not only successfully treated my injury but changed my training style for the better.”

    London, SE1