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Back pain
Lower back and butt pains are common and usually nothing to worry about. However one needs to take positive actions to shift aches and pains otherwise they can become established. This Blog to Balance describes stretches and exercises for desk based workers with lower back and buttock (glutes) pain to help transform your symptoms. We...
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Between the shoulder blades and out of reach – upper back pain – this Blog to Balance tells you why working at a desk gives you upper back pain, I point to posture changes to counteract the effects and exercises to help you be pain free. It’s not your fault! I truly believe the ergonomic...
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If you have body pain. Seek me out and together we can work out your unique issue. The story is important to me. I listen and medically question you to create a time line of your presentation. We then discuss my working diagnosis keeping all the facts above in mind and my treatment, education and...
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What does a back doctor do when they get severe back pain? I recently found myself crippled with back pain in my own treatment room. It was like I had been struck by lightening, I was suddenly unable to stand. As my sympathetic nervous system kicked in, I felt my heart racing and beads of...
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