Men's Health Article - Expert advice to prepare both mind and body for a physical challenge.

"Before a rigorous physical challenge I'd recommend you get to know your body like an F1 driver understands their car. Structural osteopaths are insightful mechanics that help you get under the bonnet of your body. They are able to build up a working picture of your skeleton, understand how your bones interact with your muscles – your power source – and how your nerves – your electrics – control the whole system."

"This knowledge will help you mentally and physically to achieve optimal results, as osteopaths explain your unique musculoskeletal setup and apply it functionally towards your physical goal. After all, your body is your machine for life and you should understand your unique construction," explains Langford.

Mens Health Magazine - 2016

“Training to be an Olympian is ruthless. Hours spent in the pool and the gym needs to be complimented by physical therapy and the right diet. Osteopathic sessions gave my body relief from training so my muscles could provide the power when required. It’s a balancing act that Back to Balance got right!”

Graham Edmunds – Double Paralympic Gold Medalist - 2012

"I have received treatment from Back to Balance on several occasions, due to various problems I have experienced. I have found them to be extremely professional, efficient, innovative, and friendly at all times. Matt will always suggest an alternative method of osteopathic treatment if he feels that one method is not gaining the desired effect for me. It is a pleasure to visit Matt as every occasion is enjoyable as I really feel that Matt listens to what my joints problems are, how it may have happened, and always finds a solution to fix them, also giving advice and exercises where necessary."

Julie - London, SE1 - 2016

"I have played sports all my life and never suffered any serious injury. After damaging a disc in my lower back playing football I started seeing Matt on a weekly basis. Matt taught me all about how my body reacted to such an injury and how I could amend my training and daily routines to realign the weakness in my physique. Matt not only successfully treated my injury but changed my training style for the better."

Oliver - London, SE1 - 2016

"Matt has a great touch and the emotional acuity which enables him to really engage, investigate and understand the route cause of issues, and find the best solutions which are not always the most obvious. I see Matt every time I have a sports related injury and also when needing some general maintenance. He is an essential part of my training program which complements all the miles on the road."

Sam - London, SE21 - 2016

“Matt has transformed the way that I have been able to train over the last couple of years. He has a knack of being able to take one look at me and work out what needs to be done to keep me running, this has including fixing a long term ankle injury and addressing the ongoing "wear and tear" that happens when you try to run fast when you are old. In addition to his passion for fixing you up Matt also has a genuine positive enthusiasm and interest and so helps with mental motivation too.”

Stuart - Surrey, GU15 - 2015

"Matt is one of those 'one in a million' osteopaths. One who listens to you, has a genuine interest in finding the root cause of the problem, treats you in the least number of visits possible, and actually has pleasure in seeing you fixed! Add to that his uncanny knack of being able to pin-point the exact spot with his 'magic hands' and you have unbeatable combination! I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Edward - London, SE21 - 2015

“I suffered pins and needles in two of my fingers, and a tired feeling in my arm, for just over 12 months. I stopped swimming and playing racquet sports as I had so real feeling in my right arm. I also couldn't lift free weights like I used to in the gym. I went to a physio regularly and did all the exercises diligently but it seemed to make very little difference. After a while I got a bit down and then as many months passed I resigned myself to living with this sensation. I then made an osteopathy appointment with Matt Langford. Matt had a fresh, considered, caring approach and after some exploring and some questions, Matt explained what the issues really were and what he'd like to try to do about it. I felt more positive straight away. After three sessions with Matt my fingers feel back to normal, my strength has returned and so have my positive thoughts. All down Matt and his clever and thoughtful ideas and impressive manipulation. I'm very grateful.”

Steven - London, SE7 - 2014

From the start, Matt listened very carefully to my problems and even explained my MRI scan to me where my private consultant failed. During treatments, Matt tried a number of different techniques to help us find the right solution - he's very academic and tried some branches of osteopathy with me that really helped! Matt remained positive of my recovery throughout and went out of his way to speak to my family which helped put their minds at rest.

Karl - London, E8 - 2014

"Matt brings a unique style to osteopathy which I have found successful and refreshing. He takes an holistic view, valuing the relationship of mind and body. Matt has treated both acute and chronic symptoms and has always supported me as a partner in my recovery. He is a skilled listener with an empathic approach which sets him apart from other osteopaths."

Liz - London, E3 - 2014

“Matt has been treating me on and off since 2012, he is warm, knowledgeable & super friendly. He has treated my long term chronic foot pain, among a dizzying array of ailments over the years, most invariably relieved after a single visit - and he got me back on my snowboard one year when all hope was lost after injury. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Amy – London, SE1 - 2013