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Home Ergonomics. A good practice guide to posture while Working from Home.


Below are the basic checks of good desk posture.

Posture rules:

  • Get off your sofa! Set up your computer at a desk/table or standing surface
  • Eyes – with your back upright your eyes should be level with the top of your screen and the screen should be arms distance away from your body
  • Hands – forearms should be parallel with the floor once your neck and shoulders are relaxed
  • Chair (if seated) – please use the back of your chair, by sinking weight into the back rest you take stress off your back muscles, perching on the front of your seat results in slouching
  • Hips to knees – your hips should be above the height of your knees
  • Feet – should remain in contact with the ground

  • You may not be able to achieve all of these posture rules as your equipment at home may not
    be adjustable. Be inventive, like using books to raise your screen so you don’t slouch!

    Maintaining the health of your body helps maintain the health of your mind

    Move that body!

    Get up and move around every 30mins. Hydrate. Rest your eyes by looking out the window.
    Your body requires movement to function and maintain good health. So additional movement in front of the computer is key. Further sitting exercise guides are available.

    Good posture needs to be complimented with breaks and movement

    Desk layout

    Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!
    The more frequently you use an item the closer it should be to you.

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