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Osteopaths specialise in the diagnosis, management and treatment of physical health.

By law all Osteopaths are registered professionals.

Osteopathy is unique to the individual. It is a natural medicine that aims to restore function in the whole of the body by treating the root causes of pain and imbalance. Osteopathic treatment applies a range of manual skilled techniques including manipulations of joints, ligaments, muscle, fascia and viscera.

Specific advice is provided to compliment the treatment. 

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is the science of connection. Not just what is wrong but why it has gone wrong, why this problem and why now? We listen to your story, ask medical questions and perform functional assessments. Crucially the osteopath palpates for dysfunction in your body, this provides detailed information about your unique problem and helps direct our treatments to restore health.

How can it help?

Physical imbalance leads to pain and discomfort. Whether the cause is a sports injury, high pressures at work or poor posture, our bodies are rarely aligned to where they should be. Getting you back to balance means getting you back to a pain free life.

Osteopathy looks at your body as a whole. It treats your muscle knots with sports massage techniques, treats your skeleton with chiropractic techniques and advises rehabilitation like a physio. Three in one. We do it all in one neat package that aims to get you back enjoying life in as short a time as possible.


Natural Medicine is a term used to convey the idea that with an osteopathic treatment, nothing is added (medications or remedies) or subtracted (surgery) from the body. Instead, the osteopathic philosophy embraces the notion that the body is naturally able to heal. The practitioner works with the body to enhance this natural ability to heal.

Is Osteopathy safe?

I ensure high quality care as I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

The register is available at osteopathy.org.uk.


  • “Matt has treated me for a range of issues over the last couple of years, and has had a huge positive impact. He always looks to find and address the root cause rather than treating my superficial symptoms. Matt is passionate about what he does, and my sessions with him are not only effective but fascinating!”

    London, SE1
  • “I have received treatment from Back to Balance on several occasions, due to various problems I have experienced. I have found them to be extremely professional, efficient, innovative, and friendly at all times. Matt will always suggest an alternative method of osteopathic treatment if he feels that one method is not gaining the desired effect for me. It is a pleasure to visit Matt as every occasion is enjoyable as I really feel that Matt listens to what my joints problems are, how it may have happened, and always finds a solution to fix them, also giving advice and exercises where necessary.”

    London, SE11
  • “Matt has been treating me on and off since 2012, he is warm, knowledgeable & super friendly. He has treated my long term chronic foot pain, among a dizzying array of ailments over the years, most invariably relieved after a single visit – and he got me back on my snowboard one year when all hope was lost after injury. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

    London, SW9