Matthew Langford M.Ost, B.Eng, S.M.Dip

Practice Principal

Matthew initially studied as a Chemical Engineer at UCL, and worked for over a decade for a number of investment banks in the City. This was until he found his true passion and retrained as an osteopath. Osteopathy has given him a new in-depth perspective on medicine free, manual healthcare as part of a more holistic and patient oriented approach. Solutions are specific to that individual and beneficial to their long term health.

Experience treating via sports massage and medical acupuncture is combined with the more subtle skills of fascia, skeletal and visceral manipulation to help heal the body. In addition, Matthew is also trained to help individuals restore the balance between their mind and body by using Mindfulness and ACT therapies which complement this holistic approach to wellbeing.

Matthew is a keen sportsman and bioscience enthusiast. He has gained sporting colours from UCL and continues to take part in these pursuits. When he is not treating or sporting, he is often adding to his knowledge and fine-tuning his skills to treat you better.

Matt Langford Principle Osteopath