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Matt Langford

Practice Principal


Matthew initially studied as a Chemical Engineer at UCL, and worked for over a decade for investment banks in the City of London. This was until he found his true passion and retrained as an osteopath. The five year Masters degree embedded a deep knowledge of human health. Now an experienced Osteopath with multiple skill sets Matthew enjoys creating solutions specific to the individual that will benefit your long term health. After all the future of medicine is holistic and patient oriented.


Master of Osteopathy
University College of Osteopathy is the largest and the oldest school of osteopathy in the United Kingdom.
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering [Hons.]
University College London Chemical Engineering is one of the top research and teaching Departments in the UK, achieving world-class standing.
Sports Massage Diploma
ProActice ITEC diploma. Leading international qualifications
Cranial Osteopathy
Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy inc. Balance Ligamentous Tension, Rule of Artery.
Courses in Western and Chinese concepts in musculoskeletal acupuncture
Various Courses
Breathing, Fascial manipulation, Shockwave and Ergonomics

Before a rigorous physical challenge I’d recommend you get to know your body like an F1 driver understands their car. Structural osteopaths are insightful mechanics that help you get under the bonnet of your body. They are able to build up a working picture of your skeleton, understand how your bones interact with your muscles – your power source – and how your nerves – your electrics – control the whole system.”

“This knowledge will help you mentally and physically to achieve optimal results, as osteopaths explain your unique musculoskeletal setup and apply it functionally towards your physical goal. After all, your body is your machine for life and you should understand your unique construction,” explains Langford.

Men's Health ArticleExpert advice to prepare both mind and body for a physical challenge.