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Between the shoulder blades and out of reach – upper back pain – this Blog to Balance tells you why working at a desk gives you upper back pain, I point to posture changes to counteract the effects and exercises to help you be pain free. It’s not your fault! I truly believe the ergonomic...
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Working from home can cause aches and pains. For no apparent reason you can feel wrist or arm pain, sometimes these aches and pains reoccur every time you are back at your desk. This Blog to Balance shows you how to overcome these desk based aches and pains in your wrists and arms. As our...
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If you have body pain. Seek me out and together we can work out your unique issue. The story is important to me. I listen and medically question you to create a time line of your presentation. We then discuss my working diagnosis keeping all the facts above in mind and my treatment, education and...
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A guide to relieving the aches and pains from portable technology. Head posture Portable technology – mobiles/tablets/laptops – are not designed with our posture in mind. As a consequence, we tend to adjust ourselves, which leads to poor postural habits and pain. Tip 1: Pause. Position yourself into a good posture. During the day you...
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Home Ergonomics. A good practice guide to posture while Working from Home. Posture Below are the basic checks of good desk posture. Posture rules: Get off your sofa! Set up your computer at a desk/table or standing surface Eyes – with your back upright your eyes should be level with the top of your screen...
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