The Wellness @ Work Programme

Osteopathy @ Work, Prevention of ill health is better than cure, In house physical care provided by Osteopaths

A health service for body and mind delivered onsite.

A three element programme of Ergonomic Assessment, Medical Health Screening and Treatments @ Work. The in-house treatments include all the natural healthcare techniques of Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors as well as the crucial addition of a Stress Management option. The programme is specifically designed to enhance the health and vitality of office workers.

At Back to Balance, we understand that staff wellbeing and keeping employees’ sickness or absences to a minimum, is critical for higher business productivity and growth. We are here to mitigate ill health and improve workforce performance.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure


Almost 31 million days of work were lost last year due to back, neck and muscle problems according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This represents 40% of all days lost due to work-related ill health in Great Britain in 2014/15 (HSE 2015).


The Health & Safety Executive recognises that there is a convincing body of research showing a clear link between stress and ill health. Its research recently showed that over 105 million days were lost to stress each year, costing British employers £1.24 billion.

Stress at work is one of the biggest single factors affecting productivity, efficiency and profitability and in the current economic climate, this is something that cannot be ignored.

Both employer and employee benefit

The employer can benefit from significant savings – reduced absenteeism, increased employee productivity and wellbeing, and a reduction in workplace disputes.

The employee benefits by resolving pain or stiffness often linked to stress or bad posture, without the need for medication or invasive treatments such as surgery. They improve their mobility and structural stability, will gain a more resilient mindset and benefit from long-term better health and wellbeing in the workplace.

‘Output is everything. Time is Money’. Our services enable rapid, immediate, effective care as soon as problems arise.

  • Time saved visiting a GP or other medical practitioner unnecessarily.
  • Time saved by employees being off work.
  • Time saved on waiting lists to see an NHS counsellor or physiotherapist/psychologists.
  • Time saved travelling to appointments.

Office based healthcare services include Workstation Ergonomics, Medical Health Screening, Stress Management and Treatments with our Occupational Osteopaths.

Employees appreciate management who deliver a wellbeing programme.

Wellness @ Work Model

Setting up a Wellness @ Work service for your company can happen easily and quickly. Employees can chose from a one off package of treatments to a set of regular hours per week. Then all we require is a small private room on the premises (like a meeting room for example) that is reserved for our use. We take care of the rest…

All packages include ergonomic assessments, physical assessment, stress management and tailored treatments that include rehabilitation programmes for a return to productive work.

Back to Balance will ensure that we liaise efficiently with company managers, Occupational Health departments, and HR and Health and Safety personnel.

Our IT infrastructure means that we hold all our clinical information for 7 years on a central secure server bound by our code of practice rules. We are knowledgeable and aware of the legal regulations associated with consent and reporting and ensure that we adhere to these duties consistently.

All of our equipment is portable and compact. We’ll provide the treatment bed, the IT and clinical equipment and the necessary insurance. We’ll provide your company with a regular osteopath who will get to know your business.

We’ll provide all the necessary training for line managers, HR and Health and Safety employees such that our service is used to its full potential and starts saving your company money right from the onset.

Our model is simple, flexible and effective.

For more details click on Ergonomic Assessment, Medical Health Screening or Treatments @ Work.

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